The Heart of The Extra Mile

Many times we think that going the second mile in Christianity is all about hard work and perseverance. You may have to work hard or persevere, but you won’t last unless the extra mile comes from the heart. It’s easy to do what comes naturally, to love those who love you and to serve when and where it’s convenient. But the meat of the Word of God calls us to love our enemies and to sacrifice and adjust our lives to become righteous and to follow God’s plan.

This weekend was an example of what it looks like to serve Christ the way He served us – in overwhelming love, loyalty, and devotion. At the Hope House, men and women poured their hearts and lives into the property that will become a safe house for the lost and hurting. Then, on Sunday, the man whose passion for God stirred up this cause, Lee Domingue of Cyrus International, exhorted our church family to go “all in”, doing whatever is necessary to see truth reign in our fallen world. He spoke of the importance of us being broken vessels, being on fire for the Lord, and living in obedience, cleaning up our homes and getting rid of items in order to be ready for anything God may call us to do. Afterwards Lee and I ate lunch with some of the amazing leader-servants who wowed us at the Hope House outreach. What a privilege and honor to do life with men who will stop at nothing to bring glory to Christ and His kingdom! Let us remember, we serve Him because we love Him.

– God’s Donkey


~ by thechurchinstamant on May 30, 2012.

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